Morning Yoga

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post here. Partly because so many things in my life changed so quickly – now, for example, I live in Brussels, Belgium, not Ireland.

Still, today I woke up and did my morning yoga. And felt that it was so invigorating and so enjoyable, I should restart the blog with a post on it. 

I first did yoga classes when I was a lot younger, a local group started in the school hall across the road from my house. But it wasn’t until I travelled to Bali about two years ago (that’s the scene in the pic) that I really began to see its restorative powers – and how it manages to wake you up in the morning, so successfully.

Today, for example, I was barely awake. Went to bed early, but was still groggy as I tiptoed around the kitchen around 8am looking for a cup of tea (still no coffee, for me). Normally I try to do about 15-20 minutes in the morning, but today I decided to be ambitious and go for a 40-minute session.

The 40-minute session, as you might imagine, is a lot more focused and determined. And difficult. The instructor on YouTube mentioned that he didn’t usually go for three poses, but he would today, just because. My limbs were aching and shaking, but in a good way. The best yoga instructors don’t let your body get fatigued – so they take you right to your body’s breaking point and then bring you back.

For me, my favourite move is Warrior Two. I know that it’s simple, most people can do it without ever touching yoga before, but it channels my energy in such a good way – looking forwards over my outstretched fingers, I really feel like I can do anything.

Now, my blood is zinging. My muscles are alert, and my head is clear. It’s amazing what just a few minutes of exercise can do for you. Heading for a cup of green tea, and some breakfast now. Ciao!


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